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What items in fashion truly are timeless? What will be treasured, copied, and worn years and years from now? Here are my few selections that I am very confident will appear in closets for decades to come.

1. The classic suit. Whether a pantsuit or a skirt suit, a well-tailored suit that skims the body without casing it like a sausage. Some details may change, like collar lines or pockets, but you will never go wrong with this item.

2. Jeans. There’s a reason this item has been around for about a century. A comfortable pair that doesn’t fit too tightly and doesn’t hang off your butt is always a good investment. Just make sure the denim or cut isn’t a fad (bell bottoms, glitter denim) and that you take care of it. Brand spanking new denim is too uptight, but ripped up, stained jeans look good on no one.

3. High heels. Say what you will about permanent damage to the foot and leg, the pain they bring, and how hard it is to run in them. Flats just aren’t as flattering. Whether a low, delicate heel like the Sabrina heel, or the imposing stiletto, a well-heeled shoe will be here forever.

4. Long evening gowns. I hate this trend of girls wearing short dresses to formal occasions, whether it’s their senior prom, or the Academy Awards. It seems disrespectful to me, almost like a man showing up for a formal occasion in a suit instead of a tuxedo. It’s not completely out of place, but just enough to make you seem like you don’t care.

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