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Look into Precious Metal

Use of metals runs the gamut in home and personal accessories. Metal has emerged as the detail to watch when it comes to the hot trends in gifts for Summer. Gift designers have incorporated bejeweled, engraved or unadorned metals into a range of home and personal accessories, from traditional candleholders and picture frames to martini glasses. By all accounts, however, the top-selling accessory is petite clocks.

These must-have miniatures are cropping up on everything from space-age pens to ritzy tabletop conversation pieces, to the newly revived ring watch.

TRESKA’s ornamented steel candleholders ($26-$29).

Brass and copper burn-out candleholders ($6-$14) by

Martini   set in swirled silver and gold with cherubs and semiprecious stones by JILL FAGIN FOR JILLERY: shaker ($39), small glass with gold detail ($10.50), larger glass with multicolor detail ($11.25).

Be “write on time” with PEN A TIME’s fashionable and durable pens ($18), available in styles that range from simple and elegant to artistic and sporty.

Mona Lisa ring watch ($15) by DIGITS.
Timex teams with CRYSTAL BRILLIANCE to create miniature timepieces: (from left) perfume bottle ($60), armoire ($60), handbag ($75). Faux Cartier ring watch ($9) and mood ring watch ($12), both by DIGITS.

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