Styles Casual Jackets

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One of the more popular styles of casual jackets for men is the   bomber jacket. This jacket, having become an essential must-have for any man’s closet, originated all the way from World War I, when they were worn mostly by pilots so that they can keep warm during their flights.

Of course, the versions that are out today are not exactly the same as the styles that were out before, but the design and the style are still essentially the same.  Embellishments on bomber jackets are commonly placed by the designers to make them look more authentic, such as military patches either on the left breast or the right arm and faux fur lining the neck so that it copies the   casual jackets  worn by the pilots of the past rather than a winter jacket, as well as insulation on the inside.

Most bomber jackets today are much thinner than the real bomber jackets of the past, so that they can be worn everyday without them being uncomfortably warm.

Styles Casual Jackets

A leather jacket is also one of the more classic types of casual jackets for men. Most popularized by the bad boys of 1950s cinema, the leather jacket today still connotes a certain sense of danger in a man whenever he wears one. There are many different kinds of leather jackets, and a man can choose from them according to how he needs and wants to dress.

Not all leather jackets are made from real leather, especially since leather is very expensive. For stores that want to make cheaper leather-looking jackets, they choose some sort of synthetic material for their casual jackets and make them look like leather instead. These materials are sometimes called “pleather” or “leatherette.”

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