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Short Mini Skirts

Long, knee high, short, micro, non existent skirts. How come, girls who are teenagers have the guts to wear skimpy and short mini skirts?

There’s a storm here in the philippines for God’s sake, wear some pants on. Girls still have the guts to sport minis and short shorts. It’s nice to see but come on, sooner or later, the only article of clothing will be leaves. Joking aside, I have always thought of how they are able to show soooo much and hide soooo little, without being conscious. I would always ask my friends,

“Brad, paano sila nakakapagsuot ng ganyang mga damit?”

(“How can girls wear clothes like that?”)

If I were a girl, I wouldn’t even try wearing very short shorts. I’m not really conservative but hey, wearing short shorts, or mini skirts is something else. Just a little more and you’d see everything. I know girls want to be fashionable and stylish, and sexy. I just don’t understand how they can muster up the courage to sport something that pervs would tear out in a blink of an eye.

If I were born as a girl, I wouldn’t dare wear anything that only covers around 4 inches from the crotch. I’m not conservative but there’s something really different about wearing skimpy clothes like mini skirts. I just can’t take that girls my age are able to bring out the courage to wear something that perverts would remove in a second.

My professor told us an anecdote about what a particular mom had said in the past.

“Mula bata, binibihisan ko yang anak kong babae, tapos ngayon, iba lang ang magtatanggal?”

(I’ve covered my daughter up ever since she were a baby. And now, someone else will just take it off!”)

How short can it get?

It’s funny how girls don’t like to get harassed but wear skimpy clothing that would suggest “Come! Take me!”

Don’t get me wrong, I have no bad feelings about this.

What’s really disturbing is how men are able to wear very short shorts and blatantly exhibit their hairy appendages. Damn. Thank God they haven’t worn skirts yet. I can’t find it in my logic how the guys in my university are able to sport short khaki shorts. I can’t find a reason.

And yet, many do.

These are really – far from gay – men that I am talking about. It’s really weird to see grown men wear short khakis with their hairy legs sticking out.

Well, it’s good that I don’t really follow the trend in my school. It’s just wrong to see men and their hairy legs in public. Just wrong. tsk.

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