Types of Leopard Print Dress

Women like leopard print dress.They also like leopard print accessories like leopard earrings, leopard necklaces and leopard scarves.There are many types of leopard print dress. (more…)

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Usages & Types of Feather Dress

Own a feather dress? Interested to have one? Then now is the time to know more about feather dress. Where you normally found these garments, on stage or at party? Actually more and more people start getting feather dresses as daily garment; meanwhile they are used as office wear and casual wear. Below are several usages for these dresses.

5 Main Usages Of Feather Dresses

Used As Performance Costume
A feather dress like peacock feather dress and ostrich feather dress is generally used as performance garment. During the performance, they are worn by Spain carnival dancer or ladies at Moulin Rouge. Moreover they also worn by little angel who is meeting her passed away parents at paradise. Therefore dress with feathers is absolutely the ideal performance garment.

Used As Casual Wear
Feather dress can be casual too, with lesser feather toppings. The feather ornamental can come on top, shoulder or waist line of the dress. In fact this is a cool fashion trend which current is hot in town. You can pair the dress with feather handbag and high heel. Actually the fashion style is depending on the color and style of your feathers dresses.

Used As Wedding Gown

A feather dress is a perfect wedding gown for brides. A pure white feather long gown for example, is making every brides look like a white peacock queen. Therefore this type of feather gown is one of the most popular wedding gowns required by the market.

Used As Evening Apparels
Feather dresses come in different patterns and designs. A mini feather dress for example, is the gorgeous evening gown for teen. Perhaps an elegant and versatile long peacock feather dress is the selection for mature woman. Therefore, if you are looking for one cool and unique evening gown, try feather dress out!

Used As Office Wear
You might not expect feather dress can be converted to office attire. Let me tell you, this is the truth! As far as concern many new design of blazer and one piece dress is accented with feather details and these dresses are recognized as feather dresses. For example, you can match a black feather dress with wool creme blazer or satin vest.

5 types of Glamor Feather Dress

Feather Fuchsia Summer Dress
This sleeveless feather dress is come with super chic V neckline. They are constructed of 100% silk fabric. Moreover the dress is developed accordingly to cocktail length.

Peacock Feathers Dress By Mina
These tremendous peacock dresses with feathers are developed with vibrant print. Hence they are also accented with light grey jersey. There is gold piping at front part of this garment as well as mini puff shoulders. Lastly the garment is topped with three quarter length sleeves.

Feather Print Dress By Walter Digital
This short sleeve jersey dress us soared with multiple digital feather prints. They are featured with high collar neckline and also overlay at the bodice line. In terms of closure, these feather dresses are completed with back zippers and ruched sides. For materials, they are made of polyester and spandex.

Ostrich Feather Sheath Dress By Sue Wong
This sparkling feather dress is developed with V-neckline and tiered skirt. The garment is topped with tonal beads and sparkling sequins at the shoulder line and empire waist. The garment is perfectly lined and come with length of 36 inches. This feather dress is suitable for special occasion.

Asymmetric Feathers Dress
These feathers dresses are made of silky black polyester. They are topped with one long sleeve only and stayed above knee. The dress is featured with brown and grey feather detail, all along the hem and shut it up with concealed side zippers. The garment is available for dry cleaning only.

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Gold Flip Flops – Sandal or Pendant?

Flip flop is a backless sandal that usually foam rubber held to the foot. Thus the cross of the toe of the strap is means of thong. The piece is the selected garment for home use or even for outdoor activities like shopping, beach picnic etc. Hence the garment is also used for bridals, which is the one that is come with luxury toppings like pearls, beads and crystals. Nevertheless the usages of flip flop becoming wider when there are various design and colors applied on it. A pair of gold flip flops for example, is the sparkling foot garment that makes your every step shining. In another word, you will get spark with every step you go on. People will stop and look at your toe because of this flip flop. Thus the garment is also making a great theme for an event like the participant needs to wear gold flip flop to a “Gold Flip Flops” theme of party. (more…)

Outerwear To Match With White Tube Dress

White tube dress is making women look sexy and charming. The dress comes with different length, styles and materials. Below are several types of white tube dresses which is made of different materials.

  • White Satin Tube Dress (developed of satin fabric, with satin detailing like satin empire waist belt, satin ruffle front flapping, front or side pleated details)
  • White Silk Tube Dress (developed of silky and smooth silk fabric, comfortable to wear. This type of dress also is accented with various details like pleated, banded details.
  • White Wool tube Dress (developed of wool fabric, thicker than other white tube dress, suitable to wear during year end. The dress generally comes in simple design, emphasis more on elegant cuttings and styles.)
  • White Chiffon Dress (developed of solid chiffon fabrics or blend materials with others like cashmere wools, cotton, satin etc) (more…)

Marvelous Red Bead Necklace Collection For Women

Red bead is able to make gorgeous jewelries like red bead necklace and red bead earrings. The beads can come in any forms, like crystal, wood, corals, plastic etc. You should discover the charm of red beads jewelries as it makes your fashion statement obvious. Means, you will transform to a better look with the present of red beads jewelries. Red bead necklace especially, is highlighting ¼ of the overall fashion surfaces of your body. If you don’t believe they can make it; then pay a little bit patients to know more about this necklace with my following explanation. (more…)

Four Marvelous & Flirting Blue Strapless Dress

Looking for Christmas outfit? Is it too early to source out a Christmas garment now? No, I think now is the best time to source around the Christmas garment, in order to know more before buying. In fact your action is proven you are a wise consumer. Somehow today our focus is on one of the most popular blue evening dress, which is blue strapless dress. Perhaps your favorite color is not blue; however you might change your mind after you go through the below four types of beautiful and charming strapless blue dress. You might not need to buy them, however these dresses are open your eye on the beauty of blue garments. Hence you can even make them as gift for someone who loves blue very much. Without wasting any time, let’s start our blue strapless dress fashion show now! (more…)

Vintage Tuxedo – Reviews and Guide

Vintage tuxedo is formal man’s outfit for vintage theme event or party. The garment makes man looks stable, reliable and confident. Somehow it is not easy to find these garments in the market today. You need to put some effort for generating the sufficient information about these vintage tuxedos as rarely stores are offering these outfits. The outfit is also needed as man is required to present a vintage theme stage performance. All kinds of vintage tuxedos are offered to cater for this need. Hence the tuxedo is either available as performance costumes or outfit for vintage party. (more…)

Fashion Tips For Corduroy Blazer

Corduroy blazer is made of cotton, is a type of durable and lasting cut pile textile. The textile to make corduroy is developed of vertical rib. The fabric is used for constructing clothing like corduroy pants, corduroy skirts as well as outfits like corduroy blazers. The blazer is absolutely suits for people who implements casual lifestyles. Therefore some people called the blazer as cottage blazer which is often found in villages and uptown. Nonetheless latest fashion is incorporating much about the strength of corduroy and sharp model are presenting various kinds of glittering and smart look corduroy blazer for the selection of customers. The blazer is undergoing total transformation which they can use for formal occasions too. (more…)

The Elegant and Beautiful Black Shift Dress

Black color is very elegant and graceful. It can match very well with all types of accessories such handbag, jewelry, watch and bracelet. One of the dresses that I would like to recommend is the black shift dress. A shift dress is basically a sleeveless dress that hangs loose from the shoulders and has little defined waistline. This type of dress is made popular during the 1960s and its popularity has risen to a new height nowadays. Today’s design is incorporated with ornaments and accessories apart from the usual plain type. The shift dress is a versatile type of dress and you can easily mix and match with other accessories like belt, opaque tights and heels. You can wear the black shift dress, as office attire, when you go work. It is suitable even for cocktails party. Thus, you should have this type of dress in your closet as it increases your choices of fashion. The following are some of the black shift dresses available that you might be interested to get one for yourself. (more…)

Two Ways To Wear White Shrug

If you find shawls and scarves that you currently kept inside your wardrobe doesn’t match with your evening dresses well, then maybe the next solution is to get a shrug. If time is catching up and you don’t have extra time to think of which shrug bolero to match with your garment; then get a piece of black or white shrug. White shrug especially, is looking calm and decorous for any dresses or gowns. Somehow the shrug is best matched with white or ivory color series of evening outfits like white chiffon prom dress or ivory wool long tank dress.

Likewise the white shrugs like white lace shrug and white satin shrug is the priority selection for bride, during their engagement or wedding ceremony. Meanwhile the shrug is suits for casual use too. Therefore the wide usage of white shrug sweater is making them become the universal shoulder coverlet for all kinds of outfit, formal and informal. Below are two general ways on how to wear the white shrugs. If you are facing this difficulty, then you should read my recommendation.