Six Little Known Facts about Black Silk Skirt

Silk is basically fine lustrous fibers which are originated from insect’s larva during the phases of forming cocoons. The sturdiness and elasticity of silk is enabling them the great material for constructing threads and fabrics. As such, the fabric that is developed from silk is used to make items like clothes, tablecloths, curtains etc. The smooth surface and the elegant image of silk product are helping them to generate more supporters from time to time. In fact, I’m also one of the “silk supporters”.

Among all silk-made items, black silk skirt is proud to be the dominant silk clothing for woman. The skirt is made of silk, either full silk or getting blend with other materials. Then the skirt is colored with black. The skirt is used to pair with all kinds of garments. I’m daring to say that a black silk skirt is able to match with every type of tops and blouses. What make this statement a truth? Let’s take a look at below six little known facts about black silk skirt.


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Extraordinary Ear Accessories – Bamboo Earrings

What is bamboo earring? Actually the earring is comes in large, thick and in round shape. Moreover it shapes like bamboo and in hoop; and that why people called them as bamboo earrings. This kind of ear accessory is famous during 80s and it usually constructed in gold. As far as concern these kinds of earring still win its support nowadays where people are wearing them for evening or night out. However you will surprise where the earring is also worn by woman during daytime, for example to work. Indeed you can obtain the unique fashion sense of these earrings with absolute look at different prices.

Suitability Of Bamboo Earrings For Different Occasions

Like I mentioned earlier, the bamboo earrings like gold bamboo hoop earrings is suitable for formal events, especially retro-style of party and gathering. The typical round shapes of the earring making it looks great for many occasions as well as evening outfits. For example the bamboo hoop earrings are matches with gold halter dress and black prom.

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Fashionable Cuff Watches

Cuff watches are certainly on the rise if we talk about wrist watches. There are a lot of things to consider when a person is looking to purchase a new watch. Some of these considerations are the functions you need, the color or material you are looking for, a brand they may prefer, and whether they want a luxury or casual cuff watch, and whether you want a watch that is digital or analog.
There is a vast selection that can overwhelm anyone which may lead to get the type that is not right for them. You could not simple choose the one which others like. Make sure the one that you choose is your favorite. Same if you are buying it for someone; then please ensure the watch is designed accordingly his or her preferences.

Why you would want to get a Faux Fur Leopard Coat

As a fashion fanatic, keeping up with the latest fashion trends is a daily task for me. Making sure that I am able to follow the latest fashion trends is necessary. Some of my favorite clothes are black leather coat, zebra print dress, leopard print dress and faux fur vest. I am also very fond of attires made from fur especially leopard fur. One of my favorite is the faux fur leopard coat. It is a popular alternative to real leopard fur coat.
Nowadays, it is very difficult to differentiate between real from fake fur coats. The best faux fur leopard coats tend to be made from acrylic fibers. Acrylic can be dyed according to the colors and patterns of a real animal fur. Some other materials used to make this type of faux fur leopard coat are cotton, wool and synthetic fibers.

Top Three Benefits Of Bolero Shrug

A bolero shrug is a very short coverlet or jacket which is worn open at front. Most of the time, this garment is come without front button. Somehow they are playing the role in between sweater jacket and shawls which the piece is worn inside the body whereas the shawls only covered the surface of shoulder, neck and head. As far as concern, some shrugs and boleros are padded with front knit thread hood whereby it is flexible to be close or unclose. Somehow people still prefer to wear the one that is come without frontier button closure. Hence, these garments are come with different colors and patterns. A black bolero shrug for example, is commonly used among other shrugs and they are recognized as the universal bolero shrug which is easy to pair with other garments. However, what would be the major benefits of these shrugs boleros? Below are some analyses which help you to think. (more…)

My Precious Butterfly Brooch Collection

Butterfly is the sign of resurrection and revitalization. Moreover, it also represents lightness, time and soul. In another word, butterfly is offering hope and aspiration. As such, they are used for many purposes. People are using them for becoming home decoration theme, become the decorative prints on clothing, become the inspiration for constructing furniture etc.

As far as concern, items that made of butterfly are beautiful and charming. This is due to the natural image of butterfly which is colorful and joy. Butterfly brooch for example, is one of the best fashion essentials that make woman stand out from crowd. Hence they are also the sparkling staple for your jewelry box. With the help of a small piece of nice butterfly brooch, you look totally different. If you cannot believe this miracle, then please discover to my jewelry wardrobe now! There are few pieces of spectacular butterfly brooches that I wish to bring you. Keep your eye open and I scared you can’t stop to praise these brooches after you know them. (more…)

Red Suede Handbag

Red suede handbag is a kind of soft and very delicate leather which has a brushed finish to it and not shinny as patent leather. It is actually made from underside of the skin of lamb, deer, goat, pig or calf. The red suede handbags is know for it durability and easily to match with any outfits. However, red suede handbags are easily got dirty due to it textured pores. Therefore, special attention has to be given in the care of this type of handbag to keep it in its best condition and so that it can last longer. This handbag comes in different types of styles and types that are cater to meet every woman’s needs. Famous brand such as Louis Vuitton, Prada, Haan, Gucci and Chanel have their own design of red suede handbags. These types of handbags can cost from $50 to $5000. (more…)

Skirt Type With Short Sleeve Turtleneck

A turtleneck sweater or shirt is kind of garment which is come with high, tubular and rolled down collars. The collars of the garments are fits attached to the neck. The turtleneck apparels like turtleneck sweater is and elegant garment for women as well as for men. They can come either long sleeves, shorts sleeves and sleeveless. For favorite options, people like to go for short sleeve turtleneck, as the garment is available for every season. They can be wearing during summer, spring and fall. Somehow for winter, you are advised to wear long sleeves turtleneck garment. (more…)

Amazing Sequined Sweaters

Fashion is a type of arts for me. How you dress or what type of outfit that you wear are going to show the artistic side of yours. I always like something different and not common, which is why I am always searching for something special when it comes to wearing an outfit. Personally, I like dresses such as leopard print dress, zebra print dress and sequin dress. I feel that these types of dresses are able to show my personality and characteristics. I like dresses which have printing or ornaments on it. (more…)

Black Blouse for Women

Great blouse will decorate your day, don’t you? Somehow people have the wrong mindset that only bright color series of blouses and tops can make people cheer for the day. Somehow there are many dark color series of clothing is getting you relax and happy for the day. Moreover you feel safe with these garments as they will make you look slimmer.

Therefore, to discover more advantages of black clothing like black blouses and bottom wear, you are now reading the correct information sheet. Somehow black blouse like black lace blouse and black satin blouse is the sophisticated piece that you can use for formal occasions or places like attending evening dinner or working. (more…)