Maternity Bridal Couture: 5 Gowns You’ll Love

Maternity Bridal Couture: 5 Gowns You’ll Love

Times have changed since your grandparents walked down the aisle.It’s not unusual to see pregnant brides saying “I do” anymore, and there’s no reason pregnant brides shouldn’t look every bit as dazzling as chicks without a bun in the oven. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to just pop down to your local bridal shop and find something fantastic.

Oh, sure, you’ll find a dress – but it’s unlikely to dazzle.

That’s where Sarah Houston comes in. An incredible designer, her bridal couture isn’t prejudiced; she has a stunning line of maternity wear that could easily make the other brides wish they were pregnant as well.

Take a look at the following gowns and see if you don’t agree.


  • Style: SHM-003

This is my favorite. Take a look at those gorgeous roses. I’m not what you’d call frou-frou, but I’d make an exception in this case. It’s fit for a fairytale, and I love the way the straps sit loosely on the arm. Beautiful dress.

  • Style SHM-016

This is another gorgeous dress, and it looks like something you’d see on Athena herself. The empire waist makes this look soft, elegant and extremely feminine. Light and airy, this dress is perfect for a summer wedding, or an exotic beach location.

Tip: If you’re one of the many women concerned about displaying her arms, consider trying a shrug made of the same material, or a nice, sheer shawl to wrap around your shoulders. (more…)

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Gold Gilt to the Hilt

Hard to believe we would see the groovy golden garments of the 80s return so soon. But here they are – lame and lurex – adding an interesting twist to the Fall 2013 collections. As could be expected, most of the glitter is has been saved for cocktail and eveningwear, with the exception of the metallic leather pant – intended for any dazzling time you choose. Fendi and Gucci went optical with their bold gold, while Ungaro and Van Noten played on the palette. Oscar de la Renta presented beautiful low-key evening pants while Moschino Cheap & Chic went for maximum impact with a tinsel trench. Regardless of the angle, every wardrobe should have a little gilt…even if not to the hilt. 




08142000091059_B1  08142000091059_B3 



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Outfit To Pair With Plaid Scarf

Scarf is a large piece of cloth, worn around neck and shoulders. At some Middle East countries, women are wearing the scarves for covering their head and shoulder due to religion requirements. Somehow scarves like silk scarf and organza scarf is a great fashion accessory to create various fashion style. Many dresses and skirts look great with scarves, even men also wearing them to decorate their shirts. The other main role for scarf is as neck warmer which scarf is strongly needed for cool season, especially for wool and cotton made scarves.

Materials & Patterns

Besides materials, pattern is always the concern for selecting scarves. Various patterns are offered for the scarf and different pattern is catered for different taste and preferences.


Arshi in Micro Mini Dress

Micro Mini Skirt for You?

The mini-skirt is another variant of the micro-mini. They are both well above the knees, but the micro is so short it risks being taken for bathing costume or a tutu if it were any shorter.

The micro-mini is great if you have great legs. Long and lanky is hot in the micro but if you have anything else for legs, you better think twice. It is not the choice for every gal. It’s all a matter of ‘proportion’.  Do you have big breasts and are on the short side?  Maybe the mini-skirt is a better choice.  Do you have a tall, boyish figure?  Then likely the shorter micro-mini dress will look hot on you.

For those of you who can wear a micro-mini skirt you are lucky and should take advantage of it on those hot, sultry, summer days.

Where, When, How Vs Faux Pearl Bracelet

Faux pearl bracelet is a new favorite fashion staple for women. The main reason that makes them popular is basically the item is charming and not expensive to buy. For example, the silver-plated toggle bracelet that is featured with a medley of faux pearls and synthetic stones is only sold with the price less than $30. Somehow the checkerboard faceted charms of the bracelet are able to perform as the actual pearl bracelets and other hand accessories. Thus the bezel set of is also add the elegant impact for the bracelet. As far as concern, these pearl bracelets are topped with other ornamental like charms which is making them even sophisticated than before. These charms can be any metals or stones like sapphires and gold-pleated beads.

Where To Buy Faux Pearl bracelets?

Basically you can get these items through many channels. However, my first recommendation to you is to get them through Below are several offers from Amazon, grab the one that matches your requirements.

Faux Pearl Ladies Cascade Wrist Bracelet
This timeless look of faux pearl bracelet is absolutely your priority choice for coming party! They are loaded with sparkling and lustrous pearls. Hence the piece is also inspired by the 1940s movie star’s dreamy fashion style. The bracelet is crafted with metal and acrylic and they are in 7.5 inches length.

Ultimate Value Of Square Silk Scarf

To know the proper way to wear square silk scarf, you must first identify the features of these scarves. Basically the features of the scarves are divided into two, which is the material and shape. Therefore a square silk scarf is principally made of silk fabric, which is one of the most popular fabric options for clothing and fashion accessories. Likewise the shape these scarves too, are in square and the common sizes for all scarves.

There were many tips and guidance on how to wear a square silk scarf and these information are varies from one to another. However, for me, I think the best guide to wear square silk scarf should come with the scarf itself. For example if a site is offering you tips on how to wear a square silk scarf and following by offering the product of that scarf; then you can consider for buying it as you can wear the scarf exactly as teaches in the guide.


5 Basic Variety Of Pleated Mini Skirt

What kind of skirts you keep inside your wardrobe now? Intend to add new collection? Here I got a great option for you, which is to obtain a nice pleated mini skirt. The skirt is come with amazing design and image which will absolutely make you look stylish and beautiful. The pleated pattern is the unique feature of the skirt whereby it nicely decorated your plain tops like blouses and shirts. The skirt normally for casual outfit; nonetheless you get some are for formal uses like silk pleated mini skirt and satin pleated mini skirts.

Want to know more about the varieties and fashion tips of these skirts, then start know the basic variety of the skirt now. Below are five types of pleated mini skirts which you can get from any fashion stores. Take some time to go through it before buying. Good luck girls!


Pink Wedding Dresses – Fantasy Wedding Dresses For Brides

Pink is symbolized decorous, bounty and universal love. The softness and genuine effect of pink is making them the selected tone for many stuffs like furniture, clothing, decoration theme, fashion accessories, artwork etc. Ladies clothing especially, many of them are in pink. Pink wedding dress for example, is one of the hot selected wedding dresses in the market. Indeed the dress is constructed based on the pink interest of women.

Likewise it is also applicable for ladies who love to incorporate their favorite pink to their wedding day and wedding gown or dress is the best item to apply this tone. However the pink wedding dresses are incredibly charming and beautiful, making the brides look like pink roses.

Five Striped Scarf For Your Choice

Scarf is a perfect neck warmer, especially during winter time. No matter where you go, a scarf will always protected you from coolness, or at least reduces the coolness you faced. Somehow the selection of scarves is different from one person to another. Some people are materials-concerned whereby some people are more emphasizing on scarf’s patterns. A cashmere striped scarf for example, is recognized as the good quality of neck scarf which men and women both are using them. Other example like white chiffon scarf is mainly for fashion accessory, to match with outfit.


Crinkle Skirt – “Traveling Skirt”

If you are looking for a skirt for traveling and you hope the skirt can make you a wonderful holiday, then a crinkle skirt will absolutely solve your problem. The skirt is come with different sizes, from cropped to long one; nonetheless all these skirts are crafted crinkled and make it unique from the rest. The piece is absolutely the versatile and easy going garment for ideal traveling. Likewise the portability of the skirt is also offered an unbeatable companion while you are enjoying the wind breeze on the beach. It makes you relax and burden less, compares to heavy clothing.