Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweater – Types and Trends

You will gain the praise of sexy, genuine and charming if you putting up a sleeveless turtleneck top and pair it with all kind of bottom wear and outfits. Principally the garment is a universal base wear that is flexible to pair with other garments like jeans, linen pants, long skirt, mini skirt, shorts etc. Moreover the piece is also matched perfectly with many sorts of coats and blazers like trench coats, pea coats, leather jackets etc. They even look great its own. Hence sleeveless turtleneck like sleeveless mock turtleneck normally is made of stretch fabric or wool; as such they are the ideal base wear for outer garments that I mentioned earlier. Thus the colorful design and construct of these garments are making them the perfect addition to your wardrobe.


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Things To Know Before You Buy White Ruffle Blouse

White ruffle blouse is renowned as the universal blouse to match with many types of bottom garment like skirts, pants and dress pants. The ruffle detail is taking the lead for making the whole piece looks sophisticated and beautiful. Different cutting and design of the strips or pleated fabrics are beautifully trimmed and decorate the blouse. The garment is available for formal and casual fashion style.

For formal fashion style, you can match it with skirts like black pencil skirt, A-line formal skirt, tube nylon flattering skirt etc. Moreover you can also pair it with satin formal pant. Unlimited office wear is waiting for these blouses!

For casual fashion style, you can match it with any color series of nice mini skirt, denim jeans, corduroy pants or even shorts. (more…)

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My Linen Blouse Collection

Linen fabric is used for making clothing especially; somehow they are also the great materials for tablecloths, bed skirts and curtains. As far as concern the linen fabric is constructed of linen thread which is abstracted from the fiber of flax plant. The linen tread later is weave perfectly to form linen fabric.

Linen Blouses

The best garment to present the beauty of linen fabric would be linen blouse. Famous linen blouses like Irish linen blouse is becoming the compulsory office outfit for women. Somehow the ladies linen blouses are required patterns and styles which the designer is keeping their steps on for developing more and more stunning linen blouse for customer choice. White linen blouse and black linen blouse is considered the common piece compares to other color series. They are common as black white blouse is generally getting along with other outfits like skirts, pants and jeans.


Five Chic Green Blouses For Women

Want to discover to the naturalistic of fashion world? Then you should first know about green blouses! Does this color series blouse suitable for your fashion style? You never know if you never try. Somehow we usually go for black or white blouses which as for our perception, black and white blouses are easier to pair with other outfits, compares to green blouse. However, again, you never know the result after you put on green blouses, who knows, you might be born for the colors.

Asymmetric Embroidered Tie Waist Green Blouse

This green blouse is perfectly woven and come with beautiful and classy silhouettes. The garment comes with one cap sleeve as well as dolman sleeve. For your kind information the dolman sleeve is in elbow length. The piece is accented with embroidery design which conjoins with cutout patterns.  The cutout pattern is surrounded the shoulder and neck part. The garment is outstanding whereby it attaches with a special tie waist. The garment is developed of silk, offers with smooth and glittering look. (more…)

Usages & Future Trend Of Lace Shrug

People normally relate laces with intimate clothing like lace corset and lace leggings. Somehow lace is given the image of sexy and flirting. Actually there was another interpretation for laces whereby the piece is representing the generosity and feminine of women. This statement is proven when many of wedding gowns and prom dresses are developed of laces. However if the garment is not developed in laces, it possibly will pair with lace fashion accessory like lace shrug and boleros.

Usages Of Lace Shrug

A lace shrug is recognized for its usages as it really make sense for ladies clothing. A black lace shrug and white lace shrug for example, is the selected shoulder coverlet for brides who will put up elegant wedding gown during her wedding ceremony and party. As far as concern, lace shrug is recognized as one of the best shrugs for brides other than satin shrug. There was no other reason other than the beautiful and elegant effect created by lace shrugs. Other than the black or white color one, there are many colors options of lace shrug to go to whereby these colorful shrugs are adding spirit to your plain tops or dresses. For example a turquoise lace shrug is making your white sleeveless turtleneck sweater dress no lonelier by its own. Other than that a pink lace shrug is the favorite shoulder coverlet for toddlers, when they wanted to follow you to her aunt’s Thanksgiving party.


Designer – Vivienne westwood biography

There are those who say that British designer Vivienne Westwood has lost her edge. She has undoubtedly come a long way from selling her wares from a stall in the back room of a small London shop in the early 1970′s. A founding member of the punk movement, she has transformed herself into a respected fashion designer whose work is the subject of a major new show at The London Museum. This mainstream acceptance in no way suggests a loss of artistry – but does it represent a shift away from the avant-garde?

Born in 1941, Westwood found herself in an unsatisfying working class marriage at the age of 21. Chafing in her safe but pedestrian relationship, she began regularly leaving and returning to her husband. By 1966, a finally divorced Vivienne and her three-year-old son Ben found themselves in London and living with her brother Gordon. A theatre design student, Gordon traveled in art circles and introduced his sister to Malcolm McLaren. Then known as Malcolm Edwards, he would become Westwood’s business partner within three years and the father of her second child within one. (more…)

What would you wear on a night out to a casino (for women)

Some women go for the sexy look and go for a short number, something like a cocktail dress and some sparkly jewellery goes down well. In contrast to what you may have seen in films, people don’t go for feather boas or fur coats-not only is this look too much of a cliché, but it would be uncomfortable in certain climates. If you are interested in wearing this sort of thing then you could head to (more…)

Workplace Clothing

Do you know the dress standards for your workplace?

When a working woman becomes a mother her role within the workplace, by choice or necessity, can often change. Alterations can occur for reasons such as career redirection, part time employment, redeployment or long periods of time away from the workforce. Once the decision to return to the workplace has been made and childcare arrangements decided, there is also another element that needs to be considered – workplace clothing. Many women returning to the workplace have been removed from it for several months or years and maternity outfits are often the last pieces of clothing that are worn in such an environment.


Project: Empty Hanger

Project: Empty Hanger

While cleaning out my closet, and making the change from summer to fall, I found an empty hanger in the back of the closet and I hastily wrote down the name above. It seemed appropriate for what I wanted to do. I also remember a time when i didn’t have more than about five shirts and two pairs of jeans, in my closet and a bunch of empty hangers shoved to the side. That is the mentality I carry with my idea. I met people along the way who told me they had just a couple things in their closet and the rest were just plain hangers. The image stuck!



Omega Gold Watches

Impressive and Stylish Gold Watches from Omega

Omega Watches has been a trusted name in the watchmaking industry for over 150 years. Ever since its inception, Omega has been producing very appealing and top quality watches. With accurate time precession, these watches offer some of the best functions available in wristwatches these days.


lp (more…)