Comfortable Street Wear for All Occasions

Street wear is currently all the rage and the fashion trend of the summer. This is the street wear has managed to leave the purely sporting image behind him and is now considered elegant everyday fashion that can be worn for leisure, but also at work. (more…)

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The Best Accessories for Businessmen

Who needs to go every day to work in a conservative suit comes before quickly uniforms. However, a few small, but fine, provide accessories for variety and the business look very quickly make a little more individual. Even in the office, it depends on the details. Can add value to the suit, for example simple yet high-quality, belt or something smart jewelry. (more…)

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Convertible Bra for Women

A convertible bra has moveable and (sometimes) removable straps. These moveable straps allow a woman to alter where the straps are seen on the body so she can adjust the bra for her different styles of clothing.

The convertible bra is often worn by women sans straps in order to accommodate spaghetti strap style dresses.

The convertible bra’s removable straps can be attached to a number of different places of the bra. With fitting, you can get a cross back style–a style where the straps are crossed at the shoulders. This style works well with ‘T’ or sports tank tops. (more…)

Buy Apparel for Uniform Women Figure

Uniform Figure (similar bust, waist, and hip measurements)

Avoid boxy, stiff clothing. When possible, buy flowing shapes that soften straight lines. Also, choose bias-cut or flared styles to enhance curves. Don’t mix and match colors. Monochromatic outfits are the best. Your waist can be defined with a fitted jacket that nips in. The hips can also be emphasized with a low-slung chain belt. (more…)

Emphasize Your Figure When Making Apparel Purchases

How to Emphasize Your Best Features When Making Apparel Purchases

When purchasing clothing, people want to buy an item that will ensure that they are looking their best. There are many different factors to look at when buying clothing, but often, people don’t even consider the most important factor: body type. People come in all shapes and sizes and one way to always look your best is to make sure that your are buying items that complement your body type. This article will discuss common body types and what types of clothing accentuate each type. I sincerely hope it is helpful to you.



The Fall Fashion Season Trends

The fall fashion season is rapidly approaching, and there are so many beautiful things to wear.

1. Knee high leather boots. With a thin, four-inch heel (no clunky shoes for Karen). As you recall, I had a pair that served me well for three years until I tried to dance too hard at a club one night, and the heel broke off. Now is the time to get a new pair, because these are going to be the big shoes this season. As are closed-toe pumps with an ankle strap. And a thin, four-inch heel.

2. A well-tailored suit. What’s my reward for losing fifteen pounds since last fall? All of my suits are dumpy and baggy now. I could just have them altered, (more…)

Honeymoon Dress Code in Bedroom

Does Clothe have importance in your life, especially in night? But when you are in the honeymoon with you wife then dress up at night is very important. Most people think that at night in bedroom the lights will be off and during sex clothes is an unwanted thing. Although the clothes are thrown away while you are in action with your wife, do not ignore the importance of Dress in Sexual Relations especially during honeymoon.


Look Good in a Bikini

How to Look Good in a Bikini

It’s that time of the year again…the time to start thinking about your summer outfits and what you are going to dare to wear girls !

The words ‘beach’ and ‘bikini’ go together like salt and pepper or Brad and Angelina (or even ‘Reality’ and ‘TV show’)…so you better start to plan your beach party debut now while you still have time!

Every Gal is Different–What About You?


First, you need to select the best sized bathing suit to show off your ‘stuff’. Assess yourself at home, before you shop. To do these consult a size-chart to see where you ‘fit’ in. Take a good, honest look at your body for irregularities and when it is in the bikini keep your eye-sharp for tiny puckering or bulges where they shouldn’t be. If you find them then the suit doesn’t fit right. (more…)

Types of Plus Size Bra

Plus size bra is vital for a full figure woman to look sexy. Choosing the right type of plus size bra to match a woman’s apparel is also very important to her appearance. Women must also wear suitable plus size bras because bra and lingerie also play a significant role in fashion nowadays especially in occasions where you have the chance to show off your body such as beside the pool or seaside and perhaps when you are having an intimate session with your partner.

In this article, I will be explaining 5 types of plus size bra and hopefully, it will be able to help out some full figure women out there who have doubts over which to choose to make themselves look sexy.

Plus Size Bra Type #1 Plus Size Racer back Bra

The name, plus size racer back bra, also known as the t-back bra, came after what competitive swimmers wear for their swim, the racing type bathing suit. The (more…)

Bridal Lingerie A Quick Guide

Guys have you ever bought lingerie for your wife? If you’re like me, then you never have. I know lots of men buy lingerie for their wives, but I just haven’t done it yet. This fact was pointed out to me by my wife during a conversation that we were having. I was stunned, because I had never really thought about it. My wife has a very nice collection of lingerie which she and I (especially me) enjoy. The fact that I had never bought her any really bothered me. As I began to think about what to buy her, I realized that I had no clue what these various pieces of lingerie were called. After doing some research I realized that lingerie goes by many different names to represent the various types of sexy garments available to women. This article is about various types of bridal lingerie that can be worn for a wedding night, an anniversary evening, or any special occasion that you can think of for you and your spouse to enjoy.

If you want to make a wedding night or wedding anniversary a very special and sexy occasion then bridal lingerie is the answer. I found out that there are many different types of lingerie such as the bustier, chemise, beachwear, nightwear, swimwear, corset, baby doll, negligee, and bridal lingerie. Lingerie is available in many different sizes and shapes to fit all types of women no matter what your size, height, or your particular style. Lingerie can be found in many places from the local Wal-mart to Victoria Secrets. (more…)