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I decided to write this piece based on a predisposed idea I have found myself pedalling. Sportswear brands have been an emblem for so many generations, so many icons and so many trends. With this in mind I feel reluctant to be anything less than embarrassed for my wardrobe omissions. I am in no way annulling my style convictions; you won’t catch me not too dissimilar from a Jimmy Savile shell suit any time soon. Integrity intact, I always introduce the idea that a man who approaches life with anything less than an open mind deserves nothing more than what he is presented with. That still, I do not blame myself.

At my young age I feel conditioned into connotating sportswear brands, outside its propriety of the gym, with the negative aspects I am exposed and refer to all too often: Cocaine abuse, teenage pregnancies and a resounding illiteracy, (the cheap cider had been dropped due to a tax rise).

The essential principle for bicycling shorts is layering. If the weather gets colder or wetter, you don’t go with a thicker material but to add more layers. The advantage is always that this makes it easier to sit in changing temperatures and never have to carry a whole set for every temperature range, in fact it is faster to regulate by opening or taking off just one layer. Bicycle riding requires much more care about the best clothing – too warm is just as bad as freezing.


The days are gone of throwing on an old sweatshirt and hopping on the bicycle. Sport shorts, particularly for women, can be found in a large variety of styles, colors and price tags. There’s enough bicycle clothing for women on the market to adjust to every climate and most likely every mood. Women who do not want such specific fashions also have many options, as long as they keep some safety and comfort tips in mind.

In mountaineering and other outdoor activities, we have been exposed to numerous different conditions so you should wear clothing that will protect us from external influences. Have in mind the basic purposes of outdoor clothing like looking after your thermal equilibrium.


men's casual sportswear

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