Mens’ Fashion Trends for Fall

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The days are shorter and the weather uncomfortable. It’s time to exchange the shirts against thick wool sweaters. Fortunately, the fashion world has to offer this autumn man quite a bit of jewelry. We have been looking for the three trends out where in the cold season no man comes over. From eye-catching sweaters to practical wax jackets, with the basics of the autumn / winter season, even in nasty weather make a good impression.

Wax jackets: practical and fashionable – The classic Barbour jacket is this season discovered by fashion designers once again. Traditionally, a good piece is particularly worn in Britain to hunt or play. This jacket is made ​​of cotton impregnated with a mixture of wax and oil, and is therefore particularly suitable as protection against autumnal weather conditions.

Sweater: Chunky or patterned – The good, old wool sweater is back. Where many probably with horror at the children’s and the occasional scratchy sweater nightmare think back, it says this fall scratching ignore and wrapping themselves in over sized chunky knit sweaters. New Generation of Knitted Sweaters is very thick and uses light, unobtrusive colors.

Scarf: not without tartan – What would be the seasonal Men’s apparel without the scarf? This fall is characterized, however, a trend particularly from: the scarf must be over sized and in the best case with the classic tartan plaids be presented this fall preferably in blue and gray tones on the XXL-scarf..

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