Emphasize Your Figure When Making Apparel Purchases

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How to Emphasize Your Best Features When Making Apparel Purchases

When purchasing clothing, people want to buy an item that will ensure that they are looking their best. There are many different factors to look at when buying clothing, but often, people don’t even consider the most important factor: body type. People come in all shapes and sizes and one way to always look your best is to make sure that your are buying items that complement your body type. This article will discuss common body types and what types of clothing accentuate each type. I sincerely hope it is helpful to you.



Short, Round Type


There are several things you should do if you have this body type. First of all you can hide roundness by wearing darker colors. Do not wear pleats. They add fullness to the hips and waist. When buying shirts, purchase medium toned shirts with point collars to thin the face. Also, avoid wearing contrasting colors by paring dark colored shirts with dark colored pants. Lastly, buy shorter length jackets, sport coats, and blazers. They add proportion to the body.


Tall, Long Legs


If this is your type, try a double breasted suit for elegance. Also try subtle non vertical patterns. This will avoid the look of elongated legs. When picking pants, pick cuffed pants with a long rise for a proper fit. When it comes to colors, wear light colored slacks with dark colored sport coats.


Slender Shape


If you have a slender shape, wear pleated and cuffed pants to add weight. To add and appearance of weight, select shirts with patterns. You can hide thinness by choosing mid to dark colors. Lastly, avoid baggy fit clothes that may appear as if they are too big for you.


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