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Outfit To Pair With Plaid Scarf

Scarf is a large piece of cloth, worn around neck and shoulders. At some Middle East countries, women are wearing the scarves for covering their head and shoulder due to religion requirements. Somehow scarves like silk scarf and organza scarf is a great fashion accessory to create various fashion style. Many dresses and skirts look great with scarves, even men [&hellip

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Outerwear To Match With White Tube Dress

White tube dress is making women look sexy and charming. The dress comes with different length, styles and materials. Below are several types of white tube dresses which is made of different materials. White Satin Tube Dress (developed of satin fabric, with satin detailing like satin empire waist belt, satin ruffle front flapping, front or side pleated details) White Silk [&hellip

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Lightweight Layers for Spring

Like a breath of fresh air, the spring collections blew in the breeziest, most lovely layered designs one could imagine. Windswept and wispy, some have vivid color and others are purposefully pallid. This season’s layers consist of chiffon, organza and silks that hang and flow with feminine ease. Donna Karan, Giorgio Armani, Alberta Ferretti and Valentino all contributed to the [&hellip

The Stripe Hype

Stripes have been spotted on many runways around the world, adding just the pop needed in an otherwise solemn season. Stripes showed up in silk, on fur, as minis and caftans but the bold undulating color succeeded soundly. Anna Sui and Versace created beautiful knit numbers – Sui’s in a more traditional sweater type knit often in pleated skirts and [&hellip

The Fall Fashion Season Trends

The fall fashion season is rapidly approaching, and there are so many beautiful things to wear. 1. Knee high leather boots. With a thin, four-inch heel (no clunky shoes for Karen). As you recall, I had a pair that served me well for three years until I tried to dance too hard at a club one night, and the heel [&hellip

Just Like Wearing A Paper Bag

Ladies and gentlemen, this article is coming to you live via internet from my faaaahbulous palatial hospital bed. Yes, I’m ill. Awww. I saw someone wearing shiny taupe pantyhose and had a heart attack. But it does give me time to reflect upon the most unflattering looks ever created. Of course, this column is inspired by the divine inspiration of [&hellip

Luxurious Times: Fall II/Holiday Preview

This Fall II/Holiday season takes on an elegant edge for contemporary dressing. Rich, opulent fabrics, good taste and elegance are back in a big way. The single most important buy of the season is the cocktail dress. Styles are simple and streamlined, with a touch of nostalgia, reminiscent of the old “martini bar” days. Black is always a favorite, but [&hellip

Women’s Fashion

The contemporary women’s fashion show at the CaliforniaMart served up an eclectic mixture of sweet and spicy trends with a hint of nostalgia for Summer ’13. Spanning an interesting cross-section from Audrey Hepburn to the Madonna (Virgin, that is), key looks for the season touched on everything from ’50s-style clamdiggers in silk shantung (PAMALA O’BRIEN’s versions looked great) to sheer [&hellip

Summer ’13 Fashion

Early reviews of the Los Angeles Summer ’13 Fashion Week generally ranged from consistent to outstanding, surprisingly positive outlooks for what is traditionally a second-tier market with a backseat position to Spring and Fall events. A majority of reps canvassed during the week reported strong results for the market, which ran Jan. 16-20, adding that it was a solid order-writing [&hellip

Grace & Grit: Spring ’13 unleashed

Headliners for the CaliforniaMart’s Spring ’13 market offered stark contrasts. Offerings in the Contemporary show put a classy emphasis on feminine grace and alluring looks. The LOOK Fast Forward Fashion show made its usual gritty case for clubwear and streetwear fashion. These, and a variety of other shows were featured highlights of a successful L.A. Fashion Week. Pretty in Pink [&hellip