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Unfashionably Hip

Look under Columbia’s famed outerwear and findColumbia Sportswear is hot on the heels of hip. Quietly, and with little Wall Street faith or industry confidence, the Portland, Ore.-based manufacturer has for the last six years been designing, making and selling casual clothes to wear beneath the outdoor gear that put it on the apparel industry map. Last year’s increase was [&hellip

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Women’s Sportswear Ideas

Women and fashion are equal with each other. They go hand in hand. In fact, ladies fashion clothing is much more than men, and thus more opportunities for advance and style in this section in comparison with others. Fashion is the most self-motivated element of the lifestyle and what it is today, perhaps out of fashion in a different place [&hellip

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Sportswear For Women

Those days are gone are the days when women were confined to backyards and doing household works for family at home. Women have come to match their male counterparts step by step through all aspects of the sports world is no exemption. Special collection of sportswear is used by women nowadays not only as clothing to play games but also [&hellip

Sport Shoes For Modern Ladies

When Ladies think of stylish sporty footwear, they are find something stylish, Top- grade sport shoes and funky. Comfortable, stylish and casual with patent leather trim, adjustable Velcro straps and rubber sole could be some consideration. Today, there are some truly stylish on sale at an e-boutique store based in Ireland.  Such sports shoe is well suited to those that [&hellip

Womens Sportswear

The times have changed now. Women are showing their potential in every field whether it is politics, education or sports. Sports require great physical endurance but women have shown how competitive they are. In fact women are giving men run for their money and are coming out winners in different sports. Modernization of sports has also helped uncover the veil [&hellip