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How To Wear A Mini Skirt

Wearing A Mini Skirt Okay not everyone can wear a mini skirt. There are those that should and do and they do it well. Then there is those who try to wear one but really shouldn’t or do not wear one at all well. Now there is some things you should do to make sure you wear a mini skirt […]

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Arshi in Micro Mini Dress

Micro Mini Skirt for You? The mini-skirt is another variant of the micro-mini. They are both well above the knees, but the micro is so short it risks being taken for bathing costume or a tutu if it were any shorter. The micro-mini is great if you have great legs. Long and lanky is hot in the micro but if […]

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5 Basic Variety Of Pleated Mini Skirt

What kind of skirts you keep inside your wardrobe now? Intend to add new collection? Here I got a great option for you, which is to obtain a nice pleated mini skirt. The skirt is come with amazing design and image which will absolutely make you look stylish and beautiful. The pleated pattern is the unique feature of the skirt […]

Crinkle Skirt – “Traveling Skirt”

If you are looking for a skirt for traveling and you hope the skirt can make you a wonderful holiday, then a crinkle skirt will absolutely solve your problem. The skirt is come with different sizes, from cropped to long one; nonetheless all these skirts are crafted crinkled and make it unique from the rest. The piece is absolutely the […]