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Arshi in Micro Mini Dress

Micro Mini Skirt for You? The mini-skirt is another variant of the micro-mini. They are both well above the knees, but the micro is so short it risks being taken for bathing costume or a tutu if it were any shorter. The micro-mini is great if you have great legs. Long and lanky is hot in the micro but if [&hellip

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5 Basic Variety Of Pleated Mini Skirt

What kind of skirts you keep inside your wardrobe now? Intend to add new collection? Here I got a great option for you, which is to obtain a nice pleated mini skirt. The skirt is come with amazing design and image which will absolutely make you look stylish and beautiful. The pleated pattern is the unique feature of the skirt [&hellip

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Crinkle Skirt – “Traveling Skirt”

If you are looking for a skirt for traveling and you hope the skirt can make you a wonderful holiday, then a crinkle skirt will absolutely solve your problem. The skirt is come with different sizes, from cropped to long one; nonetheless all these skirts are crafted crinkled and make it unique from the rest. The piece is absolutely the [&hellip

Six Little Known Facts about Black Silk Skirt

Silk is basically fine lustrous fibers which are originated from insect’s larva during the phases of forming cocoons. The sturdiness and elasticity of silk is enabling them the great material for constructing threads and fabrics. As such, the fabric that is developed from silk is used to make items like clothes, tablecloths, curtains etc. The smooth surface and the elegant [&hellip

Skirt Type With Short Sleeve Turtleneck

A turtleneck sweater or shirt is kind of garment which is come with high, tubular and rolled down collars. The collars of the garments are fits attached to the neck. The turtleneck apparels like turtleneck sweater is and elegant garment for women as well as for men. They can come either long sleeves, shorts sleeves and sleeveless. For favorite options, [&hellip

Girls in a Leather Wear : Tight and Short Mini Skirts

Skirt Fashion There are many types of skirts offered in shops. In another word, there are thousand and million of varieties of skirt for you to choose. However among these skirts, which one is the best? Actually is hard for us to find the best one. However you can differentiate them into categories. One of best way is to differentiate [&hellip

How to Make Skirt

“A penny saved is a penny earned.”  The old adage has never been truer than in today’s economy.  Costs for everything have skyrocketed, from gas to juice, food to furniture.  Anywhere the average person can cut costs is a welcomed relief on his or her pocketbook.  Because of the rising costs of clothing, many people have taken to constructing their [&hellip

Short Mini Skirts

Long, knee high, short, micro, non existent skirts. How come, girls who are teenagers have the guts to wear skimpy and short mini skirts? There’s a storm here in the philippines for God’s sake, wear some pants on. Girls still have the guts to sport minis and short shorts. It’s nice to see but come on, sooner or later, the [&hellip

Wear Maxi Skirt

Details for ONLY maxi skirt – white swan / black Firstly, Maxi Skirts are just totally on trend, on the other hand you have to love them simply because they are so incredibly comfortable and practical. If it is a bit cooler times, you can easily wear leggings under them, to convince them hotter days with its loose fit. Disadvantages? [&hellip

Maxi Skirts Shopstyle

Details for mint & berry maxi skirt – dark blue The designers of mint and berry combine two trends and conjure you a pleated chiffon maxi skirt in its finest form in the leg. Perfect look for you now only missing a matching floppy hat with a large brim and the right boho accessories