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Stylish Shirtdress Honours Hijab

According to Islamic teaching, both men and women observe a dress-code that is modest and dignified. For women, it includes the covering of the body, save for the hands and face. The clothing must also be loose as not to show off a woman’s shape and the colors that are customary for the woman’s culture. The clothing should also not […]

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Satin Blouse – The Blouse with Sense and Sensibility

Features and Description Satin blouse is a type of comfortable apparel for woman. They are made from soft and supple satin fabric. Some people also called satin blouse as silk satin blouse. As far as concern, satin fabric is the perfect materials for constructing clothing like blouses and dresses. As such the demand of satin blouse is always there without […]

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My Linen Blouse Collection

Linen fabric is used for making clothing especially; somehow they are also the great materials for tablecloths, bed skirts and curtains. As far as concern the linen fabric is constructed of linen thread which is abstracted from the fiber of flax plant. The linen tread later is weave perfectly to form linen fabric. Linen Blouses The best garment to present […]

Five Chic Green Blouses For Women

Want to discover to the naturalistic of fashion world? Then you should first know about green blouses! Does this color series blouse suitable for your fashion style? You never know if you never try. Somehow we usually go for black or white blouses which as for our perception, black and white blouses are easier to pair with other outfits, compares […]