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Valentine’s Day without The Red

When it comes to Valentine’s, everyone seems to have their own way of approaching the day. If you have that special someone, maybe you celebrate. If you don’t, maybe you watch that season of Ghost Whisperer that revolved entirely around Melinda and Jim and one of the greatest love stories of all time. You might even be one of those […]

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Best Fall Wedding Dresses and Fall Wedding Colors

Selecting a Fall Wedding Dress Fall is a popular time for planning weddings. The beauty of the changing landscape makes a perfect backdrop for your union. When selecting the perfect Fall Wedding Dress the natural colors of the world and the expected temperature should not be overlooked. 14% of all Weddings take place in September (Most Popular Month for Weddings) […]

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The Little Black Dress – Put It On!

The Little Black Dress Every woman should own a little black dress, because this dress is magical. You can wear it with many different accessories and for many different occasions. Life is too short for you not to pull out or go buy that little black dress. The beauty of each of us women, it’s doesn’t matter our shape or […]

Maternity Bridal Couture: 5 Gowns You’ll Love

Maternity Bridal Couture: 5 Gowns You’ll Love Times have changed since your grandparents walked down the aisle.It’s not unusual to see pregnant brides saying “I do” anymore, and there’s no reason pregnant brides shouldn’t look every bit as dazzling as chicks without a bun in the oven. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to just pop down to your local bridal […]