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Silver Bolero For Formal Occasions

Bolero is a type of cropped jacket which used as outerwear for women. The bolero is offered in different style, as well as designs. For example the vintage plaid print of bolero jacket is contrast with romantic satin bolero shrug for brides. Moreover the crocheted bolero jacket is come much sophisticated compares to wool bolero sweater. Therefore different bolero jacket [&hellip

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5 Tips on Buying a good Womens Leather Jackets

“Fashion seasons are changing overtime and fashions style and design changing over night”, this is the truth that we’ve seen. When we raised the topic of fashion woman will not be late than man. Most of the women loves fashion no matter currently them is in what body size. Women are more fashion conscious than man. You should compare a [&hellip

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Give Yourself A New Look with Silver Shrug

Fashion has always been linked with the need of women to look better and more beautiful, As time went by, more cuts, styles and materials have been introduced, depending on the woman’s needs. The perfect substitute for cardigans and vests, these cover most of the women’s upper body parts. What more can you look elegant and classy without looking overly [&hellip

Best Ways To Wear Chiffon Top

Chiffon is a fabric which is made of rayon or silk. Besides clothing and apparels, chiffon fabric is used for developing fashion ornamental like laces, scarves, ribbons, shawls, boleros etc. The piece is soft, cozy and semi transparent and it comes with different colors. Chiffon top for example, is one of the best examples of chiffon clothing. The tops are [&hellip

Satin Blouse – The Blouse with Sense and Sensibility

Features and Description Satin blouse is a type of comfortable apparel for woman. They are made from soft and supple satin fabric. Some people also called satin blouse as silk satin blouse. As far as concern, satin fabric is the perfect materials for constructing clothing like blouses and dresses. As such the demand of satin blouse is always there without [&hellip

Sleeveless Turtleneck Sweater – Types and Trends

You will gain the praise of sexy, genuine and charming if you putting up a sleeveless turtleneck top and pair it with all kind of bottom wear and outfits. Principally the garment is a universal base wear that is flexible to pair with other garments like jeans, linen pants, long skirt, mini skirt, shorts etc. Moreover the piece is also [&hellip

My Linen Blouse Collection

Linen fabric is used for making clothing especially; somehow they are also the great materials for tablecloths, bed skirts and curtains. As far as concern the linen fabric is constructed of linen thread which is abstracted from the fiber of flax plant. The linen tread later is weave perfectly to form linen fabric. Linen Blouses The best garment to present [&hellip

Five Chic Green Blouses For Women

Want to discover to the naturalistic of fashion world? Then you should first know about green blouses! Does this color series blouse suitable for your fashion style? You never know if you never try. Somehow we usually go for black or white blouses which as for our perception, black and white blouses are easier to pair with other outfits, compares [&hellip

Workplace Clothing

Do you know the dress standards for your workplace? When a working woman becomes a mother her role within the workplace, by choice or necessity, can often change. Alterations can occur for reasons such as career redirection, part time employment, redeployment or long periods of time away from the workforce. Once the decision to return to the workplace has been [&hellip

Maternity Bridal Couture: 5 Gowns You’ll Love

Maternity Bridal Couture: 5 Gowns You’ll Love Times have changed since your grandparents walked down the aisle.It’s not unusual to see pregnant brides saying “I do” anymore, and there’s no reason pregnant brides shouldn’t look every bit as dazzling as chicks without a bun in the oven. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to just pop down to your local bridal [&hellip