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Valentine’s Day without The Red

When it comes to Valentine’s, everyone seems to have their own way of approaching the day. If you have that special someone, maybe you celebrate. If you don’t, maybe you watch that season of Ghost Whisperer that revolved entirely around Melinda and Jim and one of the greatest love stories of all time. You might even be one of those […]

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Cosabella Lingerie – Irresistible And Attractive

Cosabella is very famous for their pretty lingerie, and the intimate apparel manufacturers have made undergarments that has been an essential part of a many women’s wardrobe for about twenty years. Created by three Italian design directors, Cosabella under garments are the most innovative fashion lingerie collections available in boutiques and fine lingerie stores, online and offline. Using the finest […]

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How To Wear A Mini Skirt

Wearing A Mini Skirt Okay not everyone can wear a mini skirt. There are those that should and do and they do it well. Then there is those who try to wear one but really shouldn’t or do not wear one at all well. Now there is some things you should do to make sure you wear a mini skirt […]

What Makes a Basic Clothing Item an Essential?

Almost every woman has a range of basic clothing items in her wardrobe that she turns to on a regular basis.  From the skinny jeans, to the white t-shirt, and the rumpled blazer, everyone has their favorite clothing items.  But what determines the difference between a basic clothing item and an essential?  According to fashion experts, a basic is an […]