• Workout Clothing Shopping Basics for Women

    Workout Clothing Shopping Basics for Women

    You might think it’s okay to exercise in nothing more than some old clothes that you’re no longer willing to wear out of the house. And while your grungy, threadbare tee and sweats will certainly get the job done, the truth is that there are better options out there these […]

  • Best Fall Wedding Dresses and Fall Wedding Colors

    Best Fall Wedding Dresses and Fall Wedding Colors

    Selecting a Fall Wedding Dress Fall is a popular time for planning weddings. The beauty of the changing landscape makes a perfect backdrop for your union. When selecting the perfect Fall Wedding Dress the natural colors of the world and the expected temperature should not be overlooked. 14% of all […]

  • Vintage Aprons for Women

    Vintage Aprons for Women

    As America embraces its cooking muse via Food Network and other cooking venues vintage aprons for women are becoming almost a fashion must have. Retro styled aprons are eagerly purchased but some women like to go a bit further and hunt for the real thing. A vintage apron has a […]

  • Stylish Shirtdress Honours Hijab

    Stylish Shirtdress Honours Hijab

    According to Islamic teaching, both men and women observe a dress-code that is modest and dignified. For women, it includes the covering of the body, save for the hands and face. The clothing must also be loose as not to show off a woman’s shape and the colors that are […]


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