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Shorts For Men

The trends in mens fashion usually wont vary too wildly from year to year, at least not when you compare it to womens fashion trends. that has changed for the summer 2012 season. At the fashion shows this year, the big designers revealed a considerable change with bold new looks in mens shorts. The self assured man will most likely […]

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Mens Printed Shorts

As mentioned above, the printed short has been dominating new releases from designers and the high street alike. There hasn’t been any major variation within men’s shorts for a few years now, which makes this particular mini-trend very intriguing and a nice break from the norm. Men’s shorts have come through a long way and wide variety of changes over […]

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Mens Shorts

A few short years ago tailored shorts for men were bang-on-trend; we were moving firmly away from the 1990s and a refined cut of short promised a comfy, distinguished, yet wholly less casual look. They didn’t make it big everywhere. Easier because men can now find plenty of shorts that fit right, and look more sophisticated. Simpler, flat-fronts are in […]