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Favorite Fashion Icons

Everyone has a favorite fashion icon, but what exactly does “icon” mean? Unfortunately, the word “icon” seems to be a term used loosely in our society today. In our fast moving culture fashion icons are a dime a dozen now. It seems all one needs to do to get their name in the paper is wear a “barely there” dress [&hellip

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Results of the year: Fashion failure

Have a look at in the star dressing rooms. We have no doubt that you are fully aware of all the celebrities and outputs must have already made ​​up their list of fashion flops. Offer to see who we picked, and find similarities and differences between the ratings. Helena Christensen in January come to a party in Swarovski dress Stella [&hellip

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Style of Amerie

At Because clothing’s we choose one celebrity personal fashion style that stands out among many. This week’s that star is Amerie. Many don’t quite know about the sexy R&B singer, but her sultry voice, smashing hits, and stylish clothing is sure to get her noticed.   Amerie’s style is kept very trendy, she can be seen wearing all of the [&hellip

Styles of Jessica Simpson

Fashion is a very important aspect of our lives. We see it everywhere and you can’t help but see what clothes your neighbor is wearing. Celebrities are always the first people to wear the latest and cutest wardrobes and this weeks celebrity style of the week is Jessica Simpson. We love Jessica Simpson’s Style here. Her sense of fashion is [&hellip

Celebrity Fashion

Celebrity fashion has become somewhat of an obsession for the public and the media nowadays. Many people don’t watch the award shows to see who is winning what awards, they want to see what everyone is wearing. The media can do entire hour-long shows over and over again on celebrity fashion. No matter what a celebrity is wearing, once it [&hellip

Tom Cruise’s Style

Tom Cruise is an American actor and film producer. Forbes magazine ranked him as the world’s most powerful celebrity in 2006. He has been nominated for three Academy Awards and won three Golden Globe Awards. But his fashion sense, unlike many other celebrities, is not strictly subject to the current clothing trends.Indeed, when he appears in public, his clothing choices [&hellip

Exhibition of Princess Diana’s Famous Dresses

Princess Diana was a natural when it came to fashion. From the simplest to the glamour she set the fashion trends across the world.She wore the creations of British designers and her fashion graced the cover of magazines and newspapers worldwide. She set the trends in fashion for twenty years. Things that she wore including her shoes, handbag, jewelry and [&hellip