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Get the Celebrity Look – Emma Stone

Some celebrities are so hot that they scorch the pavement they walk upon. Emma Stone is one such person. She’s the definition of ‘it’ at the moment, and her star is ascending so quickly that she’s sure to reach Mars before NASA do. Emma’s year has got off to the perfect start, as she’s found herself nominated for the Best […]

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Favorite Fashion Icons

Everyone has a favorite fashion icon, but what exactly does “icon” mean? Unfortunately, the word “icon” seems to be a term used loosely in our society today. In our fast moving culture fashion icons are a dime a dozen now. It seems all one needs to do to get their name in the paper is wear a “barely there” dress […]

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Results of the year: Fashion failure

Have a look at in the star dressing rooms. We have no doubt that you are fully aware of all the celebrities and outputs must have already made ​​up their list of fashion flops. Offer to see who we picked, and find similarities and differences between the ratings. Helena Christensen in January come to a party in Swarovski dress Stella […]

10 Most Stunning Celebrity Fashion Accessories

People are always looking for what their favorite celebrity wear, what their latest fashion trend, what are their latest hair styles, what they wear in the special night/day events like movie premiere show, award ceremony, red carpet night etc. They (celebrity) also try to give something special or stunning things to their fan. 2008 is gone but some special moments […]