• Jeans And Tops For Girls

    Jeans And Tops For Girls

    Are you in search of a great fitting pair of dark blue denim jeans? Look no further than H & M the new trendy fashion hub housing all those european imports! Their dark blue denims will allow your body to look its best! Besides the great fit they’re priced extra […]

  • Cool Blues Teen Denim

    Even juniors get the blues, and this Fall season is no exception as jeanswear picks up the fashion pace and shows some fun, new fashion shapes. Today’s teens know what they want when it comes to fashion, and even the basic blue jean doesn’t escape their demanding eye. In response, […]

  • Where Hollywood and Fashion Play

    What better place to bring the two biggest industries in Los Angeles together than the Stock Exchange? Sasha Tadman hopes to do just that, offering a meeting place for Hollywood types and fashion industry players at the Stock Exchange nightclub on the 600 block of South Main Street. Tadman is […]

  • Wet Seal Now

    Getting Wet Seal Inc. vice chairman and CEO Kathy Bronstein for an interview isn’t easy. Add company president and COO Ed Thomas, and it’s a rare occasion, indeed. The pair recently took time to discuss the retail industry in general and Wet Seal in particular with California Apparel News Senior […]


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