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Unique Children’s Clothing: Trends and Tips

For adults, fashion trends usually mean a sweeping, short-lived craze for a particular item, such as designer jeans. But when it comes to kids, being fashionable is more about finding unique children’s clothing that follows a more general trend, such as plaid fabrics, monogrammed sweaters, or checkered jackets. In this article, we’ll look at some of the recent trends in […]

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Cloth Baby Wipes Reduce Paper Waste

Cloth baby wipes are another area of the cloth diapering culture that parents may want to explore. These natural baby wipes are easy to use and work perfectly with all kinds of cloth diapers, including pocket diapers, fitted diapers and prefold diapers. Using cloth baby wipes may appeal to parents who: Already use cloth diapers Want to explore reducing paper […]

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Baby Kimono – Traditional Japanese Style

Baby Kimono from the beginning Baby Kimono are a natural off-shoot of the Japanese kimono for adults – the traditional dress of Japan. ‘Kimono’ in Japanese is a combination of the words ‘ki’ which means ‘to wear’ and ‘mono’ which means ‘thing’. The basic ‘wrap style’ of the kimono has never changed but the styles of kimono have undergone quite […]

Kids Designer Swimwear

I have always splurged on swimwear for my little girl. As she splashes around in her toddler swimming lessons, I have to admit that it is a pleasure to see her enjoy herself in a comfortable swimsuit that she likes, adding to the fun of a relaxing day at the beach or pool. I am generally convinced of a successful […]