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Vintage Collectibles – Successfully Adopting The Vintage Style

In order to appear modern, stylish and fashionable, it is advisable to know how to integrate vintage collectibles and vintage style accents into your existing wardrobe or home decor. Taking this kind of strategy of successfully utilizing vintage collectibles is simple and inexpensive.  In achieving this overall look of a blend of the past with the present, one must employ […]

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How To Make A Ribbon Rose

You can make ribbon roses in a variety of sizes, colors and styles to suit every occasion including weddings, birthdays, holidays, and to enhance the beauty of clothing and hair accessories. Different materials will give the ribbon roses textures ranging from soft satin to flimsy-type netting to a wire-edge poly-blend. Ribbon colors can be solids, stripes or seasonal designs. The […]

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Usages & Future Trend Of Lace Shrug

People normally relate laces with intimate clothing like lace corset and lace leggings. Somehow lace is given the image of sexy and flirting. Actually there was another interpretation for laces whereby the piece is representing the generosity and feminine of women. This statement is proven when many of wedding gowns and prom dresses are developed of laces. However if the […]

Project: Empty Hanger

Project: Empty Hanger While cleaning out my closet, and making the change from summer to fall, I found an empty hanger in the back of the closet and I hastily wrote down the name above. It seemed appropriate for what I wanted to do. I also remember a time when i didn’t have more than about five shirts and two […]