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Usages & Future Trend Of Lace Shrug

People normally relate laces with intimate clothing like lace corset and lace leggings. Somehow lace is given the image of sexy and flirting. Actually there was another interpretation for laces whereby the piece is representing the generosity and feminine of women. This statement is proven when many of wedding gowns and prom dresses are developed of laces. However if the [&hellip

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Project: Empty Hanger

Project: Empty Hanger While cleaning out my closet, and making the change from summer to fall, I found an empty hanger in the back of the closet and I hastily wrote down the name above. It seemed appropriate for what I wanted to do. I also remember a time when i didn’t have more than about five shirts and two [&hellip

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Omega Gold Watches

Impressive and Stylish Gold Watches from Omega Omega Watches has been a trusted name in the watchmaking industry for over 150 years. Ever since its inception, Omega has been producing very appealing and top quality watches. With accurate time precession, these watches offer some of the best functions available in wristwatches these days.  

Date Night: Dress to Impress

I’ll never forget my date with a guy I’ll call Gene. Not because there was anything special about Gene. In fact, the whole two hours I spent with him were excruciatingly boring. Nonetheless, he made quite an impression. Arriving nearly one hour late, Gene justified his lateness with the following statement. “Sorry for making you wait. I was about to [&hellip


If clothes make the man, then accessories make the woman, or at least make or break her outfit. On the occasions that men wear “power” ties, we pull out the “power” earrings. And you know what I’m talking about. It’s that pair that get compliments every time you wear them. Having a killer wardrobe without the proper accessories is just [&hellip

Simply Extravagant

Designers offer streamlined silhouettes with luxurious embellishments for Holiday and Resort. Lavish beading and embroidering on pants, tops and skirts, as well as glitzy touches of crystal, glitter and sequins are just a few of the seasons decorative items that will surely catch your attention. Holiday’s decor combines the fanciful and glamorous with the sleek and sophisticated. The result is [&hellip

How to keep your leather messenger bag Look as good as new

After purchasing your leather messenger bag, you will certainly want to know about the best cleaning methods in order to keep your newly bought leather messenger bag in the best possible condition: When you bought your chosen leather messenger bag, you would certainly like to find out the way you should maintain your bag, so you should need to take [&hellip

Organic Hemp Clothing Review , Accessories ( Rope, Protein )

Although it is usually confused with marijuana because of the similar leaf shapes, hemp contains virtually no THC, the active ingredient in Marijuana. While Marijuana typically contains between 3 and 20% THC, industrial hemp produces fewer than 1 %, and must contain no further than 0. 3% to be legally cultivated in Canada. Marijuana cannot be cultivated alongside industrial hemp [&hellip

HAIR ACCESSORIES – How to Make Your Own Feather Hair Clip

Items You Will Need For Hair Clip scissors hot glue gun hot glue sticks hair clip inexpensive jewel or gem large purple feathers with fanned-out tips medium blue feathers (mine have green tips) small blue, polka-dotted feathers small piece of craft foam sheet Step One I started by cutting a piece of scrap craft foam (the kind found in craft [&hellip

10 Most Stunning Celebrity Fashion Accessories

People are always looking for what their favorite celebrity wear, what their latest fashion trend, what are their latest hair styles, what they wear in the special night/day events like movie premiere show, award ceremony, red carpet night etc. They (celebrity) also try to give something special or stunning things to their fan. 2008 is gone but some special moments [&hellip