Beauty Secrets of a Geisha

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Geisha – it is not a profession but a way of life. It should always look great. However, the number of make-up, dancing, and a very active life not contributed toBeauty Secrets of a Geisha this. But Geisha used their own secrets to their appearance was flawless.

The beauty and longevity of Japanese women have for many centuries is of interest the ladies from other countries. The secret of their harmony and good condition of the hair is in the properly selected diet.

The Japanese prefer to eat fruits and vegetables in two colors. Orange product ( carrots, persimmons, peaches, orange pepper) and green ( lettuce, celery and parsley). As a fat Japanese beauties use olive oil or sunflower oil . Meat – not a frequent visitor to their table, and it is usually beef. Preference is given to fish.

The mineral composition of the products they consumed speaks for itself. Geisha believe that nutrition is very important in moderation. They call it the best of diets. Approximate daily diet of the Japanese geisha is: 1-2 eggs, 200 g of fruit, 250 g of vegetables, 50 grams of beans, 150 grams of fish, 100 g of milk and 2-3 teaspoons of sugar. Of Japanese women prefer to drink green tea.

Geisha a lot of time devoted care for themselves, for the creation of beauty for these women – is an art. Morning Japanese beauty begins with cleansing soap, followed by a turn of a long hot bath . Hair washed separately.

To wash it using detergents, whose composition must occur rice flour and olive oil. To achieve a greater shine Geisha regularly massage the skin of the head, thereby increasing blood flow. It is believed that a great harm to hair cause temperature changes. Therefore, try to avoid a Geisha strong wind and sun. To give shine to hair is very widely used oil camellia flowers.

Transparent skin tone was achieved as follows: a bag of rice flour dipped in hot water for a cup of substitutes, which receives rice water. This water to wash.

But the main secret of beauty geisha is cheerfulness. The Japanese believe that the bad mood weakens the immune system and shortens life. So diligently geisha are in good spirits.

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